Business Competences for Cultural Entrepreneurs // Module Three

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Cultural heritage is nowadays regarded as playing an important role to the overall European GDP.

According to the 2020 Eurostat culture statistics, in 2019 7.4 million of jobs, have been covered by cultural jobs in the EU. The new European Agenda for Culture of 2018 moreover strengthens the importance of supporting culture-based creativity in education and innovation as well as for employment and growth and harnesses the power of culture and cultural diversity to ensure social cohesion and wellbeing.

Module 3: Cultural Entrepreneurs – Business Competencies aims to provide an understanding on how a business within the cultural heritage industry operates to motivate participants to create an enterprise of their choice. The Module explains: the types of the cultural heritage; cultural sectors; cultural economy and sustainability; advantages in working in the cultural sectors and creating a cultural motivation.

The main objective is for participants to acquire adequate knowledge on the financial aspects of a cultural enterprise. This will be achieved through learning about Supply Chain Management and Business Model. Participants will be able to create a business model canvas and choose the best business model for their enterprise.

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