Piloting Report – Cyprus

In November 2022, Emphasys Center organised several workshops for young entrepreneurs.

Firstly, they had an info day to get to know each other, and then Emphasys organised a group-activity workshop regarding module 3 – Business Competences which focuses on the Business Model Canva (to develop their own business idea for a social enterprise). In the meantime, the guidebook is presented during the workshops and they have the chance to visit the cultural spaces/routes. Emphasys, prepared and printed a Cyprus map where the participants can find the cultural spaces and routes and learn a lot of things related to each cultural space. Additionally, the participants had the chance to visit the platform and the website and go through the teaching material. At the end of the workshops, Emphasys organised a competition in which the participants voted the best social enterprise idea which covers all the necessary aspects, and the team which wins became ‘Cultural Entrepreneurs’!

The main conclusions from the DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE pilot testing are that the participants/young people learn about the business model canva which they will use later on in their life. Also, they really like the guidebook which includes cultural spaces and routes for each country and also some useful information regarding each country such as gastronomy, a cultural quiz, etc.

Some of the participants’ quotes:

“We had the most amazing time with the DIGITALROUTES@CULTURE project which covers a lot of interesting aspects”

– Panayiotis

“The most interesting and funny pilot testing we ever participated in”

– Maria

The participants are taking part in the quiz to earn a badge.

?? DigitalRoutes@Culture (2020-1-PL01-KA205-080646) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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